Panther Martin Fishing Guides

Quick Reference Guide

In-Line Spinners

  • Panther Martin spinners work especially well when paired with light spinning gear. Use 2- to 4-pound test lines for sizes 1 through 4. Use 4- to 6-pound test lines for sizes 4 through 9, and 8- to 12-pound test or heavier for larger sizes.
  • All Gold (PMAG), All Gold (PMAS) and other Classic Regulars are universal spinners that work for nearly all freshwater species in virtually any type of water. Start with a steady, medium speed retrieve and vary as needed.
  • Hammered Spinners reflect light in a kaleidoscope of patterns while providing erratic and continuous flashes to excite even neutral and non-aggressive fish. Add slight pauses and twitches during retrieve to accentuate their chaotic appearance. These lures excel in bright sunlight as well as turbid, rough and discolored waters.
  • FishSeeUV Spinners feature vibrant colors in ultra-violet hues predator species identify as baitfish. They are especially productive in discolored water, low-light situations and trout waters where minnows are a primary forage base.
  • Classic Red Hook Spinners feature red hooks to simulate the “gill flash” of feeding fish. The gill flash effect is believed to excite surrounding fish into additional feeding.
  • Single Hook Spinners feature one sharp barb instead of three making them easy to remove for catch and release fishing.
  • Salamander Spinners are especially popular for stream fishing and working shallow water pools. Use light colored patterns on bright days, dark patterns in shaded areas or low light conditions.
  • Vibrant Image Spinners feature colorful graphics over a UV enhanced iridescent pearl base finish for exceptional life-like appearance and extreme durability.
  • Regular Fly Spinners are ideal for use during stream, river and pond insect hatches. Run them a foot or two below the surface to present a larger profile option to big fish feeding on miniscule baits.
  • Dressed Spinners provide a bulkier profile to better approximate larger or full-bodied baitfish. Use them in known big fish honey holes.
  • Deluxe Spinners are a reliable, time-proven favorite featuring rugged brass bodies and direct through the shaft design for solid hook-ups. They are an excellent choice when searching for trout that are either widely scattered or feeding on a mix of baitfish species.
  • Deluxe Dressed Spinners simulate more bulky baitfish, cast exceptionally well and can be worked close to the bottom at relatively slow speeds.
  • Classic Holographic Spinners offer unique, highly visible natural lure colors that fish can see from a greater distance. They work both in clear and discolored waters.
  • Panther Martin Deluxe Speckled Spinners feature speckled blades. Try them for a slightly different look on heavily pressured trout waters.
  • Red Holographic Red Hook Spinners team holographic patterns with red hooks that simulate “gill flash” for extra enticement when big fish sulk.
  • Deluxe Holographic Spinners pair superior holographic hue blades with the exceptional casting and durability of our deluxe body. A crisscross fish scale pattern on the blades adds extra shimmer, flash and flicker on the retrieve.
  • Holographic Fly Spinners add extra flash and visibility when trout are feeding on emerging insects. Reel them quickly beneath a hatch when trout are rising aggressively.
  • Nature Series Spinners feature natural patterns and colors to mimic local feeding options.
  • Spotted Spinners provide a range of color combinations to help anglers unlock the key to steady action on any river, stream, lake or pond. Rotate through the various patterns to discover which works best in your fishing region.
  • SalmonLite Spinners feature Hoochi tail skirts and long profiles but are lighter in weight for better performance in river waters where rocks and shallow conditions are often a concern.
  • Go-Glo Flash-A-Bou Spinners are formulated with a high concentration of glow in the dark and UV pigments. This results in a finish that reflects UV light and emits its own light in murky, deep or dark water conditions.
  • WeedRunner Spinners can be used in freshwater or saltwater in areas where stumps, downed timber, eel grass, bulrush or similar weeds are prevalent. They match up well with largemouth and smallmouth bass, pike and pickerel in freshwater. In saltwater, use them to target gamefish species such as redfish, snook, sea trout, and striped bass. Plenty of flash and a long profile assure interest frmo trophy fish.
  • If catch and release fishing is a big part of your game, using a long-nosed pliers to crush down the barbs on any Panther Martin should result in more successful releases.

Additional Panther Martin Lures

  • Bearded Banshee Spinnerbaits are designed specifically for smallmouth and largemouth bass. Their short bucktail skirts encourage strikes that crush the body, resulted in more solid hook-ups. Tip with teaser for added action.
  • Sonic SizzleTail Spinnerbaits are designed for versatility and can be used in freshwater or saltwater for aggressive predator species like striped bass, redfish, jacks, and snook. Work slowly for deep or neutral fish or reel faster to ascend the water column. A free-floating sonic arm creates extra vibration that attracts fish from even further away.
  • High Lake Trolls feature a holographic plastic rudder with eye-popping holographic colors. Their unique Panther Martin blades make them a more effective fish attractor than traditional style lake troll rigs which usually depend on a clevis to attach the blades. For really big lake trout and kokanee, as well as other trout species, this should be your first choice for prsenting live bait in open waters.
  • Vivif Style Spinner Minnows are the perfect match for baitfish such as shad nd golden shiners. A favorite of freshwater anglers across the country, they are beautifully balanced, swim great and combine both flash and sonic charm to call fish from great distances in clear or open water.
  • Classic Holographic and Holographic Superior Frogs are weedless but can be used in both weedy and open water environments. A long-time favorite of bass and pike fishermen, they cast far, always land upright and float at rest in a natural-looking state with their eyes just above the water. Their legs kick with life-like action that drives big fish crazy.