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Panther Martins In Action

Panther Martin Muskie MaraBuck

Dennis Isbister from WIld Fish, WIld Places TV reels in the muskie, pike & trout on the Panther Martin Muskie Marabuck

How to Catch Trout on a Panther Martin

Mike Folkestad shows how to consistently catch trout with Panther Martin lures on Lake Amador, California.

Mike Folkestad shows how to Catch Smallmouth Bass on Panther Martin® Lures

Panther Martin® lures are well known for trout, but also do a great job catching smallmouth bass. 3 Time U.S. Champion Mike Folkestad shows you how to reel 'em in with the Panther Martin® Holographic and FishSeeUV™ Spinners.

Panther Martin FishSeeUV UltraViolet Spinners

Denis Isbister from Wild Fish Wild Places Television takes the new PantherMartin FishSeeUV spinners for a test in northern Nevada