Panther Martin FAQs

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about Panther Martin Lures.


How to trout fish in a stream

Lightweight spinning gear and small lures are two keys for catching trout in streams. Trout are wary in small stream settings, so a quiet approach is also essential. Size 1-4 in-line spinners, like Panther Martin’s InLine Swivel™ series, score well when worked through deeper pockets, bends, or parallel to undercut banks. Consider tipping spinners with a small piece of worm. Trout

How to catch trout

Concentrating your efforts in cool water is the starting point for catching trout. In rivers and streams, look for trout to feed behind current breaks like wing dams or large rocks. In lakes and ponds, expect to find them just under the surface during spring or fall and closer to the bottom in summer’s heat. Trout

How to catch trout in a stocked pond

Catching trout in stocked ponds is a lot of fun. Less leery than native trout, stockies readily strike in-line spinners or small spoons. Some stocking agencies stop feeding trout the day before release to further increase their aggression, so heading out soon after stocking tends to be a good idea. Go to for more tips on catching stocked trout. Trout

What do trout eat

Trout feed on a variety of aquatic insects, small baitfish and terrestrial creatures such as worms and grasshoppers that fall into the water. In steams, small rivers and ponds they especially target emerging nymphs. Large waters with bigger trout see more of a focus on the baitfish. In either environment, in-line spinners draw plenty of strikes. Trout

What is the best time of day for trout fishing

When is the best time of day to catch trout? Generally speaking, all trout species prefer to stay out of the sun when possible. That leaves early morning and late afternoon as logical choices for success. Overcast skies also prompt trout to feed – even at midday - so keep an eye on the weather forecast. Trout

How to troll spinners for trout

Trolling in-line spinners for trout is a cool weather tradition. With flashing blades, strong vibration and thin profiles, in-line spinners fire-up trout through sight and sound. For ultimate light-tackle fun, tip a ¼-ounce spinner with a small piece of worm and troll your local reservoir with a flat line instead of a downrigger. Trout

How to catch trout in a pond

To catch trout in ponds it helps to think differently than when stream or river fishing. Expect pond trout to gravitate toward cool water near inflows and outflows. Look for them in more open water than you would or largemouth or smallmouth bass. Small, bright in-line spinners catch well when worked just below the surface. Trout

What are the best types of lures for trout

The answer depends largely on the time of year and water temperature, among other factors. In general, in-line spinners work well in shallow water whether cast or trolled in spring and fall. For trolling on big lakes and reservoirs holding large lake trout, brown trout, lunker rainbows or kokanee salmon, try Panther Martin High Lake Trolls in sizes 9–28. Trout

How to fish for largemouth bass

Structure is key when fishing for largemouth bass. They thrive in calm waters while favoring weedy flats, overhanging brush, stump fields, ledges, submerged timber and docks. Predatory by nature, they’ll strike a variety of baits and lures including in-line spinners, spinnerbaits, weedless frogs and weedless spinners like Panther Martin WeedRunners™ and Lil’ Curly Weedrunners™, both of which feature soft-plastic trailers. Largemouth Bass

What are the best bass fishing hours

The top hours for bass fishing usually center around daybreak and early evening. In early spring and late fall, however, late afternoon can produce solid action as the water warms. To beat intense mid-summer heat, take advantage of calm mornings featuring overcast skies to trigger aggressive bites by casting spinners over shallow flats. Find more info on bass fishing at Largemouth Bass

What weeds do largemouth bass like

It helps to know what weeds largemouth bass like best if you hope to catch a lunker. Lily pads are a top choice and easy to distinguish while on the water. The bass love to hold in the shade beneath the leaves and ambush small baitfish, frogs and bugs that land on the pads and fall into the water. Cattails, water hyacinth, phragmites and hydrilla are other favorites. Largemouth Bass


How to release trout

Knowing how to release trout properly adds extra satisfaction to fishing outings. Keep fish supported in the water with a free hand and use a forceps to back out the hook. Face the trout into the current so water washes over its gills and allow time for full recovery. Crushing down barbs on your hooks makes things easier. Trout

What are the best fishing tips for largemouth bass

Basic largemouth bass fishing tips include concentrating efforts around the three-hour periods after dawn and before dusk. In terms of weather, a dropping barometer will likely increase your odds of success at any time of the year. Casting in-line spinners parallel to the shoreline, lily patches or docks is another solid largemouth bass fishing tip. Largemouth Bass

How to catch largemouth bass in clear water

To catch largemouth bass in clear water, it sometimes helps to downsize offerings and choose light colors. Consider, for example, throwing a slim profile, white, sliver or gold in-line spinner, or a small white spinnerbait. Be especially stealthy and quiet when approaching your target area because bass in clear water are easily spooked. Largemouth Bass

How to catch largemouth bass on in-line spinners

In-line spinners are an excellent choice for catching largemouth bass. With vibrating blades plus a range of sizes and color patterns from which to choose, they excite bass though vibration and sight. Work them quickly just below the surface when bass are shallow and feeding aggressively. Slow down retrieves when bass are more sluggish. Largemouth Bass

How to catch largemouth bass from shore

Targeting largemouth bass from shore can be very productive if you fish where weeds or structure like docks and stumps are close to a drop-off or channel edge. If the depth near shore exceeds 10 inches, be sure to make some casts tight to the bank before fan-casting to cover more water. Largemouth Bass


What are the best color lures for trout

All gold and all silver are classic trout-catching colors. For in-line spinners, brown trout show a preference for gold blades while silver excites rainbows and brookies. With Panther Martin in-line Classic and Dressed spinners, anglers love choosing a black body/yellow dots/gold blade (PMR-G) or a yellow body/red dots/silver blade (PMR-S). Panther Martin's Nature Series also excels in streams and creeks. Trout

What are the best color spinners for lagemouth bass

Spinners work great for spring largemouths. Top colors depend on water clarity and sun intensity. Silver blades rule in clear water with bright skies; gold blades are super when overcast. Chartreuse, UV and holographic blades and body patterns excel in murky water. With Panther Martin SonicStreamers™, silver/white quickly locates aggressive feeders while purple/white is a solid choice in tannic-stained environments. Largemouth Bass

Do big baits catch big largemouth bass

It's no secret that big baits catch big bass. As bass grow to premium size, a one-bite meal is reward for their hunting efforts. Large lures and big baits satisfy their hunger while discouraging smaller bass from striking so anglers can focus on lunkers. You’ll catch fewer bass overall when fishing big, but the effort is worth it. Largemouth Bass

What are the best largemouth lures for spring

Among the top lures for spring largemouths are choices that are constantly on the move. During the pre-spawn period, bass feed aggressively and willingly chase down in-line spinners and spinnerbaits including Panther Martin Classic Regular and Dressed spinners, SonicStreamers™, Bearded Banshees and Weed Runners worked just beneath the surface or around emerging weeds. For inline spinners, choose sizes 6 – 15. Largemouth Bass

Best largemouth lures for fall

A selection of the best largemouth lures for fall should include choices covering the surface to the bottom, with light colors for clear days and dark colors for fishing under overcast skies. Large in-line spinners are ideal as they cast well and can be worked quickly near the surface or more slowly above submerged structure, ledge edges and weed beds. Largemouth Bass