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High Lake Troll

Panther Martin Trolls are an effective fish attractors due to the eye-popping holographic colors and unique spinning, vibrating action of the convex/concave blades. This single hook rig is a favorite with live bait. Great for catching large lake trout and Kokanee. Using unique Panther Martin Spinning Blades with the line running directly through the blades, these lake trolls are simply the most effective trolls on the market.
Panther Martin High Lake Troll View Features
Mark Drag Rudder BrownTrout Holo
High Lake Troll BrownTrout Holo
Mark Drag Rudder Gold/Green Holo
High Lake Troll Gold/Green Holo
Mark Drag Rudder Rainbow/Trout
High Lake Troll Rainbow/Trout
Mark Drag Rudder Silver/GoldHolo
High Lake Troll Silver/GoldHolo
Mark Drag Rudder SuperSilverHolo
High Lake Troll SuperSilverHolo