FlukeTrain™ - This is our first lure to target Fluke and Summer Flounder. Using our classic teardrop Panther Martin bodies and a fluketail jerkbait, this unique, lure is weedless and weighted for jigging or retrieving over bottom rocks and weed beds. This lure is deadly on Fluke, Flounder & other predatory bottom feeders. Size Chart View Features

FlukeTrain™ Features

  • Catchy colors, clicking sounds and lifelike action come together in our weedless FlukeTrain™ Jig Rig.
  • As the rig is bounced, twitched or dragged across the bottom, three independent in-line jig weights slide back and forth to click and clack as they bump against rocks, shells and each other.
  • Flashing vivid colors make these rigs stand out on the bottom to catch the eyes of predatory doormats.
  • A fluke tail-style soft jerk-bait embedded on an offset weedless hook dances behind the jig weights to imitate sand eels, spearing, anchovies, rain-bait or shrimp.
  • Jig sharply to elicit violent strikes from aggressive feeders or drag the lure gently with subtle twitches if the fluke seem shy.
  • Use the smaller 5/8-ounce on shallow flats; use the 3/4-ounce version in light currents and water depths of 20 feet or less; use the larger 1-ounce version in deeper water or stronger currents.
  • The FlukeTrain™ is also great for Sea Bass, Grouper, Snapper and other predatory bottom feeders.