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Meet the Winners

Travis Baker
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Travis Baker: Winner on May 15 2015
Caught with a PMH_4_PYH

I was fishing my favorite stream up in northern Michigan. Using the pink and yellow holographic #4 spinner. Tossed it right next to an undercut bank and like a flash this big ol' trout smoked it! These spinners flat out work!

Jacob Cater
Brook Trout
Click here to enlarge Jacob Cater: Winner on Apr 3 2015
Caught with a PMAGSH_6_

Jacob's first time trout fishing & first trout ever - notice the Spiderman fishing rod! Big fish of the day for little man! Panther Martin lures are the best trout lures money can buy!

Cameron Stewart
Click here to enlarge Cameron Stewart: Winner on Feb 26 2015
Caught with a PMR_15_S

Fishing the Smith River in northern California I could see the fish in the sunlight behind a small rock in the low clear water. I flipped one of my Panther Martins to him and he took it first cast!

Bob Stabler
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Bob Stabler: Winner on Feb 3 2015
Caught with a PMRSAL_2_G

This "Bow" Hog Hammered my lure! He ran the rapids downstream trying to escape but I was on the chase. I played him until he tired. This 21.5" broke my 2 year record and I'm ecstatic...such a rush! I shed a tear. A memory never forgotten!

Hart Whittaker
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Hart Whittaker: Winner on Jan 9 2015
Caught with a PMR_4_GY

Hart Whittaker (my nephew) and I were fishing the spillway below Warrior Ridge Power Dam of Petersburg, Pa. This 15" Brown was the first fish of the day! We also caught a few hefty smallmouth and a 24" walleye all on Panther Martin spinners!

Tom Schlichter
Click here to enlarge Tom Schlichter: Winner on Jan 1 2015
Caught with a PMSTS_15ST_WI

Caught an 8 lb. Snook with Panther Martin® Sonic SizzleTail™ - White Ice.

Matthew Podobinski
Click here to enlarge Matthew Podobinski: Winner on Dec 5 2014
Caught with a PMMB_15_S

We used elephants while on a fishing expedition in the extreme north west of India to reach the upper parts of a remote jungle river. In crystal clear water I caught this rare and beautiful Chocolate Mahseer!

Ryan Sanders
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Ryan Sanders: Winner on Nov 7 2014
Caught with a PMD_6_G

Fishing the White River in Meeker Colorado, this was the first fish of my trip! Brown trout caught on an all gold Panther Martin Lure!

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