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Meet the Winners

Zach Hamblin
Click here to enlarge Zach Hamblin: Winner on May 19 2014
Caught with a PMH_9_RTH

Was catching lots of little Brown Trout on the Teton River, then I switched to my Holographic Rainbow Trout lure. This Cutthroat went crazy for it! My favorite Panther Martin for sure!

Scott Kiehn
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Scott Kiehn: Winner on May 12 2014
Caught with a PMASRH_6_

I fished for two days on the Yellowstone, mostly with a fly rod. The water was churned up due to runoff. I finally switched to my spinning rod and a silver Panther Martin and caught this 16 inch brown trout.

Jim Percival
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Jim Percival: Winner on May 5 2014
Caught with a PMR_4_G

I have been using Panther Martin's for more than 35 years. This was the Salmon River in Idaho. I was fishing for stocked rainbow and quite a thrill to hook one this size. Released right after picture.

Joe Martinez
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Joe Martinez: Winner on Mar 31 2014
Caught with a PMD_6_G

First time fishing the Kern River above the Johnsondale bridge. First cast & BAM this Kern River Rainbow Trout nailed my Deluxe Gold Panther Martin. This area is designated "wild and scenic" ALL fish are native and wild. NO LIVE BAIT Artificial lures only

Scott Stroede
Click here to enlarge Scott Stroede: Winner on Mar 24 2014
Caught with a PMRFL_6_

This is one of the many silvers that I caught while fishing in the King Salmon Creek in King Salmon Alaska.

Trae Perry
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Trae Perry: Winner on Mar 10 2014
Caught with a PMFTG_4_

I was fishing a Rapala Countdown all day, didn't have any luck with it. Threw on this Fire Tiger Gold Blade and within two casts caught this fat, 21" rainbow trout. Panther Martin kills it again!

Thomas Casebeer
Click here to enlarge Thomas Casebeer: Winner on Mar 3 2014
Caught with a PMRSAL_4_S

Glen Helen Big Trout - Caught Friday 2/7/14 with Shimano reel, California Trout pole, #4 Yellow Tear-Drop/Red Spotted/Silver Blade/Salamander Pattern purchased at Documented and weighed by Park Ranger, 7lbs 15oz

Jason Simpson
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Jason Simpson: Winner on Feb 24 2014
Caught with a PMGF_4_OY

A great winter day on the Middle Provo River with a good friend!

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