Meet the Winners

Scott Stroede
Click here to enlarge Scott Stroede: Winner on Mar 24 2014

This is one of the many silvers that I caught while fishing in the King Salmon Creek in King Salmon Alaska.

Trae Perry
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Trae Perry: Winner on Mar 10 2014

I was fishing a Rapala Countdown all day, didn't have any luck with it. Threw on this Fire Tiger Gold Blade and within two casts caught this fat, 21" rainbow trout. Panther Martin kills it again!

Thomas Casebeer
Click here to enlarge Thomas Casebeer: Winner on Mar 3 2014

Glen Helen Big Trout - Caught Friday 2/7/14 with Shimano reel, California Trout pole, #4 Yellow Tear-Drop/Red Spotted/Silver Blade/Salamander Pattern purchased at Documented and weighed by Park Ranger, 7lbs 15oz

Jason Simpson
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Jason Simpson: Winner on Feb 24 2014

A great winter day on the Middle Provo River with a good friend!

Gabe Beaudry
Click here to enlarge Gabe Beaudry: Winner on Feb 17 2014

Fished my favorite Oregon river today and caught this beautiful 25" Bull Trout on my trusty size 6 gold blade Panther Martin. After I released this one, I ended up catching and releasing 4 more! This lure is my go-to lure, it ALWAYS produces!

Marcus Serrano
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Marcus Serrano: Winner on Feb 10 2014

I caught this nice rainbow on the Missouri River near the Rainbow Dam in Montana. It was my third cast and just about 10 feet in front of me this thing hit my PM hard! It was my first time using Panther Martin's and I had amazing results!

Kyera Lind
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Kyera Lind: Winner on Feb 4 2014

This is my 9yrs old daughter Kyera's second fish ever! She caught her first one when she was only 7yrs old on the very same river after a long day fishing. She cast upstream, reeled, hooked and landed this beast all on her own!

Austin Norris
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Austin Norris: Winner on Jan 27 2014

Fishing in Baum Lake in Northeastern California is a tradition with my grandpa. We were both using Panther Martin's. He was using a regular teardrop and I, a holographic. We both did very well but they liked mine better that day! Panthers are the best!

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