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Meet the Winners

Joshua Suda
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Joshua Suda: Winner on Mar 2 2017
Caught with a PMH_6_RTH

The Rainbows cant get enough of these Panther Martin Lures.

Tyler Brown
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Tyler Brown: Winner on Feb 2 2017
Caught with a PMUV_9_OWB

Went on a yearly fishing trip with my father. We ended up coming back due to several days of rain. On the bright side, we fished local, and I got this nice 24" brown trout with a size 9 orange, white, blue fish see UV lure.

Joe Selover
Click here to enlarge Joe Selover: Winner on Jan 10 2017
Caught with a MDR_28_SGH

Went out fishing for lake trout on Owasco Lake using down riggers for the first time with my Dad. Wound up landing two 21" lakers in 80 - 90 feet deep.

Gabriel Beaudry
Click here to enlarge Gabriel Beaudry: Winner on Dec 1 2016
Caught with a PMRSAL_4_G

I was fishing a tiny stream for Trout in the mountains of Northeast Oregon with an 1/8oz Gold Panther Martin when this giant Chinook Salmon nailed my PM! Leave it to Panther Martin to catch the biggest fish in the stream!

Nick Buchner
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Nick Buchner: Winner on Nov 3 2016
Caught with a PMD_9_G

Went out with a buddy for an early Saturday morning hike through one of my favorite streams and hooked into a beautiful 22" male with all of his fall colors showing on my first cast. Easily one of my most memorable fishing experiences to date.

Randal Kauffman
Click here to enlarge Randal Kauffman: Winner on Oct 12 2016
Caught with a PMH_6_CDH

Caught on the banks of the Elk River in Colorado! Great last day of fishing on a vaction. Trout 25"

Matthew Scott
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge Matthew Scott: Winner on Sep 13 2016
Caught with a MNH_3_SSS

I caught this 32" Pike on my 1st cast! I did not have a scale to get an exact weight but I would say it was about 3 lbs. Overall it was a great day of fishing and could not have thanked God more for the day.

Brandon Clements
Click here to enlarge Brandon Clements: Winner on Aug 11 2016
Caught with a PMHMHS_4_HGA

All in all it was a great day on the water. My brother and I had Multiple Doubles, A couple over 12 inches and this one here was my best of the day. From the time we got in the river to the time we got out the fish could not resist the Panther Martins!!

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