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Meet the Winners

Randal Kauffman
Click here to enlarge Randal Kauffman: Winner on Oct 12 2016
Caught with a PMH_6_CDH

Caught on the banks of the Elk River in Colorado! Great last day of fishing on a vaction. Trout 25"

Matthew Scott
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge Matthew Scott: Winner on Sep 13 2016
Caught with a MNH_3_SSS

I caught this 32" Pike on my 1st cast! I did not have a scale to get an exact weight but I would say it was about 3 lbs. Overall it was a great day of fishing and could not have thanked God more for the day.

Brandon Clements
Click here to enlarge Brandon Clements: Winner on Aug 11 2016
Caught with a PMHMHS_4_HGA

All in all it was a great day on the water. My brother and I had Multiple Doubles, A couple over 12 inches and this one here was my best of the day. From the time we got in the river to the time we got out the fish could not resist the Panther Martins!!

Jarrett Miller
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Jarrett Miller: Winner on Jul 7 2016
Caught with a PMHMUV_4_HLC

Caught at Blue River near Tishamingo, OK. 8 lbs 5 ounces

Hunter Evans
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Hunter Evans: Winner on Jun 6 2016
Caught with a PMR_9_G

Hunter landed this big brown on our Father Son fishing trip to Montana. The 3/8oz. Teardrop Classic Regular Gold is my son's go to spinner.

Zachariah Plagenza
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Zachariah Plagenza: Winner on Apr 29 2016
Caught with a PMH_6_PYH

My son Zachariah caught this beauty while fishing from our kayaks on the Merced River, in California on April 1, 2016.

Ryan Gunnett
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Ryan Gunnett: Winner on Apr 1 2016
Caught with a PMWB_6_D

2015 Opening day monster! I catch a lot of fish with these spinners. I know for sure this stretch of river gets a lot of pressure on the opener but I was still able to wrestle this brute of a out of a gnarly log jam.

Marceli Smagacz
Click here to enlarge  Marceli Smagacz: Winner on Mar 4 2016
Caught with a PMD_15_G

After fishing a deep good looking pool with no bites on other spinners I switched to a 1/2 oz Brass Body Gold Panther Martin and was able to get down to where the fish were. I got hammered by this chrome beast! Thanks Panther Martin!

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