Trophy Contest Winners

Meet the Past Winners of the Panther Martin Trophy Fish Contest

Jul 1 2024
Brown Trout

After wading up river and hooking up with browns, rainbows, and the occasional Brook trout, I found this beauty sitting in my honey hole! Caught on my favorite Panther Martin, hammered lime uv spinner! 19.5 inches 2lb 6oz.
Andrew Johnson

Jun 1 2024
Rainbow Trout

Idaho ice fishing derby winner. Turned out to be the tournament record! Single hook 1/16 ounce tipped with a mealworm.
Thomas Stout

May 1 2024

I was just casting around and felt a thump, and then it felt way heavier than the average walleye I was targeting, the walleye got tired and my dad and I were finally able to land this personal best of Mine.
Jeremiah Her

Apr 1 2024

This is Austin. He is from Georgia and had never fished for trout in colorado. For two days he caught numerous Brown's and Rainbows on the same lure. PMRG. This photo is of his first ever trout!!
Lee McElfresh

Mar 1 2024

Long mean chain pickerel 2 was caught while casting along my local lake shoreline on the Southshore of Nova Scotia, Canada. The sparkle and deeper spinning of the lure got the attention of these pointy nose fish.
Charles Weiss

Feb 1 2024

First ever golden trout caught on my favorite PM
Bob Suchora

Jan 1 2024
Brown Trout

Caught this fish twice so far, 360 days apart exactly in the same stretch, under the same log, with the same spinner as the 1st time. 2nd largest to date at just shy of 24"
Joe Oleniczak

Dec 1 2023
Brook Trout

Spent four days fishing new lakes with my wife and dog in a Colorado wilderness area. We caught a mess of brook trout and native cutties.This female was one of the largest and prettiest specimens. Caught, of course, on a classic #4 spinner.
David Burgess