Trophy Contest Winners

Meet the Past Winners of the Panther Martin Trophy Fish Contest - Upload a photo of your best Panther Martin Catch and win $50 in free lures if we choose your photo.

December 2011

Using a Panther Martin High Lake Trolling rig (Super Silver model) at Pyramid Lake, I caught this 3 lb Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Thanks PM!! Couldn't have done it without you!!!

Charlie Hench

December 2011

Last Saturday, while fishing with my father, I caught this bluefish on the troll with a Panther Martin umbrella rig a couple miles off Atlantic City. I always keep two umbrellas in the spread because they really draw the predators in.

James Akers

November 2011

#9 black/gold lure of all time! This was in the Columbia River....we were actually fishing for northern pikeminnow and this beautiful springer hit it! This is not the first chinook to hit the black and gold and hopefully not the last!

Emily Stevenson

November 2011

I was fishing steelhead early morning in the Menomonee River in Milwaukee, WI (a stones throw from Miller Park). I had opening day tickets to the brewer game and got a little fishing in before the game. I caught this steelhead on Salamander Silver.

Brian Vander Kelen

November 2011

My son Wyatt Warner and a nice artic grayling caught in Northwest Montana. Black panther martin spinner works well as the fish in this lake feed on leaches.

Andy Warner

November 2011

I caught this 30" tiger muskie on a #6 Panther Martin bull frog spinner while casting for bass with my ultralight rod on Thadeous Lake near Dryden Ontario, great fight and thanks to Fire Line he didn't bite the lure off!

Bruce Gosling

October 2011
Brown Trout

Brown caught on the Gallatin River in Montana on 10-4-11.

Steve Sommerville

October 2011

Fishing the columbia river for King salmon we tried alot of lures and bait with poor results when I saw the Panther Martin Stainless steel "Big Belly" Flaming Pink 1oz lure I had gotten for steelheads I thought to myself what the heck it couldn't hurt!!!

Richard Scott

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