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Meet the Winners

caleb pierog
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge caleb pierog: Winner on Jan 17 2012

A guy told me about a pond I can fish in. They could never find a way to catch this big bass they had in the pond. I was confident in the panther Martin frog. First cast in the lilly pads and I slammed him! Thanks for providing such a great lure!!

Nick Shaw
Click here to enlarge Nick Shaw: Winner on Jan 12 2012

Caught 9lbs 29 inch wiper (stripe bass hybrid) with PM#6 all silver spinner. No. 6 line with medium rod. In 200 acre lake in West Central Indiana. Released big creature back to the water for future fun.

Holli Evans
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Holli Evans: Winner on Jan 4 2012

I caught this big brown trout on the Big Hole river in Montana. I was using the panther martin

PMRG #9 gold spoon black body with yellow dots.

I was fishing with my fine husband on our aniversery. 14 years

John Miller
Click here to enlarge John Miller: Winner on Dec 27 2011

While fishing the St. Lawrence River near the 1,000 Island area this November I was fortunate enough to hook into this beautiful musky while casting a 9 inch Panther Martin Vivif swimbait in rainbow trout color. She fought hard!

Josh Figler
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Josh Figler: Winner on Dec 20 2011

I have been fishing my spot on the Colorado River for over 18 years, and hauled a few beauties out of this hole, but this one took the cake! I was fishing 2lb test and and my favorite Panther Martin spinner, just looking for a good fight. Well I found i

Charlie Hench
Click here to enlarge Charlie Hench: Winner on Dec 12 2011

Using a Panther Martin High Lake Trolling rig (Super Silver model) at Pyramid Lake, I caught this 3 lb Lahontan Cutthroat Trout. Thanks PM!! Couldn't have done it without you!!!

James Akers
Click here to enlarge James Akers: Winner on Dec 5 2011

Last Saturday, while fishing with my father, I caught this bluefish on the troll with a Panther Martin umbrella rig a couple miles off Atlantic City. I always keep two umbrellas in the spread because they really draw the predators in.

Emily Stevenson
Click here to enlarge Emily Stevenson: Winner on Nov 28 2011

#9 black/gold lure of all time! This was in the Columbia River....we were actually fishing for northern pikeminnow and this beautiful springer hit it! This is not the first chinook to hit the black and gold and hopefully not the last!

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