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Meet the Winners

Scot (Matt) Milholland
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Scot (Matt) Milholland: Winner on Oct 17 2011

My son, Matthew Texas Milholland, age 9. He is holding his first 10lber, by far his largest bass ever. As a proud father, I had the privilege of watching him fight the fish for about 5 minutes before landing it. Made him cry. Made me cry!

David Glasgow
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge David Glasgow: Winner on Oct 10 2011

Caught this fish on SEP 20th 2011 in Willow Creek, Willow Alaska. We use Panther Martin spinners almost exclusivly. They work the best. This on was caught on a #6 Silver ( all silver) spinner. The rest of the gear was ultra light rod and Shimano Stella.

kyle sweeney
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge kyle sweeney: Winner on Oct 4 2011

Trolling with gold panther at Taylor res in gunnison co September 11 2011

Michael Abovsky
Click here to enlarge Michael Abovsky: Winner on Sep 26 2011

This California yellowtail was caught in Magdalena Bay (Mexico) on a 4.5” Panther Martin swimbait. Massive yellows balled up macs in 20’ of water next to rocky shore, and wouldn’t touch metal jigs. Soft plastic on a slow twitching retrieve did the trick.

Matt Eagle
Click here to enlarge Matt Eagle: Winner on Sep 19 2011

Fishing the river most of the day with flies. One toss into the nearby lake with regular gold\yellow and WHAM! Beauty of a Cutthroat Trout. Water was cold but with a fish like this, you don't care if you can't feel your fingers.

Matias Renteria
Click here to enlarge Matias Renteria: Winner on Sep 12 2011

Caught his huge salmon while fishing in Root river WISCONSIN, this huge monster took my all silver panther martin spinner that is smaller then any other spinners ive ever used

David Grieg
Striped Bass
Click here to enlarge David Grieg: Winner on Sep 6 2011

We were fishing Large Panter Martin Spinners on an incoming tide in Ocean City MD. We were fishing an inlet where the water rolled over a jetty. The drop was from 12 to 63 feet deep. The fish were hitting hard on the deep side.

Jarrell Rhea
Click here to enlarge Jarrell Rhea: Winner on Aug 29 2011

My son and I woke at 3am and drove to the N Santiam in OR. I hooked this 29" steelhead on a solid gold #15 P.M.(seen in it's mouth). He hooked himself in the armpit with another panther martin during the river dance of landing this beautiful fish.Memories

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