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Meet the Winners

Matt Keith
Click here to enlarge Matt Keith: Winner on Mar 26 2012

Figuring we'd take advantage of the record early ice-out, my friend Tracy and I were trolling a one ounce stainless Panther Martin. It did the trick.

Steven Hodskins
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Steven Hodskins: Winner on Mar 19 2012

Nailed this beautiful rainbow on a pm spinner and ultralight rod. Great fight, especially since it wouldn't fit in my hand net!

Tommy Neitzel
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Tommy Neitzel: Winner on Mar 12 2012

Caught Saturday March 10 in southeast MN on a #9 gold Panther Martin. Casting upstream this pig of a trout came out of the cut bank came out and just crushed my spinner! One heck of a fight and one beautiful fish with some amazing rusty coloration.

Dan Severson
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Dan Severson: Winner on Feb 27 2012

After travelling to my fishing spot, i realized i had only two lures; a jerkbait and a #9 Gold Regular Panther Martin. As usual, the PM came through, and i landed the biggest MN small stream rainbow of my life.

Jon Fitzgerald
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Jon Fitzgerald: Winner on Feb 13 2012

My buddy Mike and I were fishing a little trout creek catching 10-12" stockies along the way. Out of nowhere this big 24" Brown Trout ate my regular silver PM spinner and bent it right in half!

dylan vater
Click here to enlarge dylan vater: Winner on Feb 6 2012

first bowfin on an artificial lure. this one grabbed a gold pm out in the middle of the channel and put up a great fight. glad pm lures work so well for these beautiful under appreciated fish!

Gabe Beaudry
Click here to enlarge Gabe Beaudry: Winner on Jan 30 2012

Caught on lower Deschutes River in Central Oregon on a size 15 Silver/Blue Panther Martin and 8 pound test line.

Mike Morlock
Striped Bass
Click here to enlarge Mike Morlock: Winner on Jan 23 2012

Caught this Stripe while trolling on Smith Lake in Alabama. Was trolling with a Panther Martin Umbrella rig with a Chartreuse Double Trouble teaser from Panther Martin. Best rigs i have ever tried on this lake !

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