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Meet the Winners

Mark Dahlquist
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Mark Dahlquist: Winner on May 21 2012
Caught with a PMD_9_G

Early morning I cast at the top of a big pool. Seconds later I felt strong tugs and the battle was on! I set my drag lighter and listened to my heart race. My buddy Nate jumped in the crick grabbing my net off my back and netted this gorgeous 23” male.

Jeremy Schachter
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Jeremy Schachter: Winner on May 14 2012
Caught with a PMHD_6_PBH

My friends and I went down to the Truckee River (Nevada) for the second time this season. It was about time to go home when I put on the holographic deluxe purple/blue#6. A few casts later, and a thrill of a fight, this 24in rainbow was caught and release

Joe Oleniczak
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Joe Oleniczak: Winner on May 7 2012

After taking ten minutes to untangle my line and watching my friend fish infront of me and catching small browns, it was finally my turn. On my first cast I landed this 24" brown on a #6 all gold spinner. Thats why I call that spinner ole faithful.

Adalen Cobb
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge Adalen Cobb: Winner on Apr 30 2012

I took my dughter out on her first fishing trip she had been telling me she wanted to catch a fish for weeks she was so happy to go out and fish with me so i put on a Fire Tiger Spinner knowing it would get bit fast and she pulled in the pike thanks

Matt Jaeger
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Matt Jaeger: Winner on Apr 23 2012

my panther martin copper #9 out fished live bait today with this 19 inch smallie on the Wisconsin river!

Selina Castaneda
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Selina Castaneda: Winner on Apr 16 2012

It was windy I decided to fish one good hole on the Laramie river. I fished for 15 minutes. I caught two dinkers on a #9 all gold panther martin before hooking into a 5 lb brown. Then I went home.

sam kanode
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge sam kanode: Winner on Apr 9 2012

i was fishing at a pond and i saw a shadow in the water and i look'd and it was a bass it was and 51%2pwd it so big it vary well could have eatin my arm i cught it with a brown trout dressed 1/4 this was april 7 2012.

Rhett Cutrell
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Rhett Cutrell: Winner on Apr 2 2012

Have been fishing mountain rivers, creeks, and lakes all my life. Never thought I would catch one of my largest rainbows in downtown Denver.

Caught on a size 6, Brown Trout Dressed

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