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Meet the Winners

Paul Serianni
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Paul Serianni: Winner on Jul 16 2012
Caught with a PMF_6_GY

Fishing at St. Lawrence River at DeWolf Point, I was using a 1/4 Oz Gold Fly, Brass Body spinner,and was landing quite a few Rock Bass, but this Baby took me by surprise. I thought it was a Pike at first but a huge Smally showed up!

Perry Kohne
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge Perry Kohne: Winner on Jul 9 2012
Caught with a PMSP_9_R

We caught many fish with the PMGFL lure and this was one of many,both wally and northern loved the lure and us :).The fish story is the big one got away, we got it to the boat and lost it,it had to be at least 36". I am getting more for the next time.

Royce Baines
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Royce Baines: Winner on Jul 2 2012
Caught with a PMR_6_G

Caught this 19" Brown on the Boulder River in Montana on the edge of the rock behind my son on a 1/4 oz classic gold panther martin on a 4-1/2 foot light weight rod with 6lb ultra thin line.

Ernie Ashley
Striped Bass
Click here to enlarge Ernie Ashley: Winner on Jun 25 2012
Caught with a VV_14_MUL

I caught this fish on L.Murray, S.C. on June 10th, 2012 trolling an umbrella rig. This was the first bite I had after only 15 minutes of fishing. These rigs with Vivif's have been deadly on landlocked stripers.

eric richards
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge eric richards: Winner on Jun 18 2012
Caught with a PMHD_6_SBH

I fish the Muskegon River River exclusively with Panther martin spinners ( holographic). i have submitted several pics in the past. This is the first smallmouth I have submitted. My brother and i killed them on this day, we caught 7-8 over 17". Thanks for

mike tomei
Click here to enlarge mike tomei: Winner on Jun 11 2012
Caught with a PMSP_4_Y

i stopped at stream to just cast a few. this palamino came out of a fast running stream and hit the yellow spotted panther martin there the best creek and stream lures and the only ones i use

Michael Carney
Striped Bass
Click here to enlarge Michael Carney: Winner on Jun 4 2012
Caught with a VV_14_PEARL

The Stripers can't help themselves. They love the Pearl Swimbaits. 2 hours before and 2 hours after high tide in the Hackensack River, NJ. When there is that much current the Panther Martin design stands out. It's so life like.

Joaquin Mayer
Brook Trout
Click here to enlarge Joaquin Mayer: Winner on May 29 2012
Caught with a PMGRSK_6_

Opening week at Hat Creek.The days were chilly and the fish, cold-hearted. I was feeling pretty blue up until I hooked this fish. I call this type of fish a "day brightener," because despite all the struggles, after this fish, life was all good again.

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