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Meet the Winners

John Thiel
Northern Pike
Click here to enlarge John Thiel: Winner on Sep 10 2012
Caught with a PMHD_9_SGH

Just returned from our trip to Manitoba. My wife and I made a portage trip to an out-lake called Saddle Lake to catch walleye for supper. While casting a 1/2 oz. spinner on a bass rod with 10 lb mono, I felt a good strike and then immediately the drag sta

sean coons
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge sean coons: Winner on Sep 4 2012
Caught with a PMHRH_2_RTH

my buddies and i caught 18 of these, some smaller, so bigger. we ALWAYS us panther martin lures. i literally have hundreds of them. best all around lure out there, they will catch any kind of fish! thank you panther martin

Jake Myers
Click here to enlarge Jake Myers: Winner on Aug 27 2012
Caught with a MNH_3_SSS

I was up at Lake Champlain with my mom and Grandpa and I wanted to catch a Cat. All day I was catching Sunfish and Bass. I kept switching out my lures and when I got the swimbait on it I cast it out about 5 times and caught a sheepshead. 6.5lbs 22.5" long

James Savage
Click here to enlarge James Savage: Winner on Aug 20 2012
Caught with a VV_16_BKR

We were on a boat near the shore of Block Island in search of striped bass. We didn't get any stripers that day but we did happen upon a large school of bluefish; the action was furious with the bluefish blitzing in a frenzy.

Trae Perkins
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Trae Perkins: Winner on Aug 13 2012
Caught with a PMSP_6_B

I was fihing out by my house using black with yellow spots teardrop panther martin. i hooked the fish in the river close to shore and it broke my reel it was so big!

Brett Klahr
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Brett Klahr: Winner on Aug 6 2012
Caught with a PMH_4_BTH

Enjoying a beautiful day at the golf course when I decided to through a line in hold number 17 pond. If I only knew i would catch the largest brown trout ever caught on property.

Rowdy Symons
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Rowdy Symons: Winner on Jul 30 2012
Caught with a PMAG_2_

Melissa Symons (10 years old) caught her very first Rainbow Trout on the Hams Fork river in Wyoming on an all gold panther martin spinner. She was very proud of her trophy.

Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge BRAEDEN PHILLIPS: Winner on Jul 23 2012
Caught with a PMD_9_G

I caught the 26 inch 6 pound brown trout in the snake river above american falls idaho, I caught in a side channel to the river below a gravel bar with a large deep pool. I was using a panther martin #15 gold spinner.

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