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Meet the Winners

Darren Roberts
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Darren Roberts: Winner on Nov 5 2012
Caught with a PMUV_6_BPO

My Father in law and I had been fishing all morning and weren't having any luck. I decided to put on the FishSee UV spinner, and on my second cast up along the shore I hooked into this Monster. I couldn't believe the size of it. These Lures Work!!!!!

Chase McLaughlin
Click here to enlarge Chase McLaughlin: Winner on Oct 29 2012
Caught with a PMR_6_GY

I was fishing for trout in Olympic National Park when much to my surprise I hooked into 3! Yes 3, king salmon. I was fishing with 8lb test and a 1/4oz classic gold. We also caught a solid mix of steelhead and dollies. P.S. Check the hat. Loyal follower!

David N Lindberg
Click here to enlarge David N Lindberg: Winner on Oct 22 2012
Caught with a PMD_6_G

This six-pound Trinity River hatchery steelhead slammed that gold spinner still on my rod. We use Panther Martin spinners (all-gold and gold with black and yellow bodies) for fall-run steelhead & chinook salmon. Panther Martins just work best for us.

Daniel Galbraith
Click here to enlarge Daniel Galbraith: Winner on Oct 15 2012
Caught with a PMH_15_RTH

39" King Salmon caught and released in Black River, Ny on 1 October 2012 on 4# test. The lure was a 1/2oz Holographic Rainbow Trout. The fight lasted over 45 min. I hooked up another large King Salmon a few days later on the same lure and the wire snaped.

Andrew Van Woerkom
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Andrew Van Woerkom: Winner on Oct 8 2012
Caught with a PMRRH_4_S

I caught this beauty on the Warm River just north of Ashton, Idaho at the end of August. It was definitely one of the prettiest places I've ever fished at and this is by far my favorite fish that I've ever caught.

Pierre Gehlhar
Brook Trout
Click here to enlarge Pierre Gehlhar: Winner on Oct 1 2012
Caught with a PMR_6_GY

Seven year old Pierre cast across a deep pool and a huge brook trout raced out from rocks and attacted his yellow gold-bladed lure. After an exciting fight, Pierre landed the fish. He has caught many trout using Panther Martins and this is his largest.

Norbert Topolski
Click here to enlarge Norbert Topolski: Winner on Sep 24 2012
Caught with a PMYSK_6_

First using PMs for trout 15 years ago, I decided to try them in the Potomac River for bass, landing quite a few. Though to my suprise they also consistently produce catfish. This nice channel and 4 others took a yellow speckled silver teardrop.

Isaac Benjamin
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Isaac Benjamin: Winner on Sep 17 2012
Caught with a PMAG_6_

I was fishing the Madison river when this 21" brown trout came out of the current and took the panther martin all gold 1/4 lure. ( You can see it hanging out of the trout's mouth) The gold lures are the best for fishing with!!!

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