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Meet the Winners

Ethan Bonne
Click here to enlarge Ethan  Bonne : Winner on Jun 1 2020
Caught with a PMH_4_SPB

This fish was caught by me and a few buddies up at palisades reservoir in Idaho, it’s not that big of a lake trout but i thought it was an amazing photo to show off the spinner

Ryan Beagle
Click here to enlarge Ryan Beagle: Winner on May 1 2020
Caught with a PMSPF_6_BY

Panthers are all I use in Colorado. Once you figure out the colors/time of day to use each color, the fishing is incredible. Everybody wants to know what im using!

Robert Guzman
Click here to enlarge Robert Guzman: Winner on Mar 1 2020
Caught with a PMSP_6_Y

Beautiful female steelhead on a mild winter morning .

Andrew Luna
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Andrew Luna: Winner on Feb 3 2020
Caught with a PMUV_9_BPO

This big boy could NOT resist the panther Martin! Mu daughter helped me reel it and made sure I had to take her picture with it! When the fishing slow panther Martin's are the way to go!!

Dakota Manzano
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Dakota Manzano: Winner on Jan 6 2020
Caught with a PMHM_6_HG

While fishing in Northern California at Baum Lake I let my grandson Dakota use my hammered gold lure and this is a picture of the fish he caught. I was so proud of him and as you can tell he was pretty proud too.

John Shofner
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge John Shofner: Winner on Dec 3 2019
Caught with a PMH_6_SPB

I had been using size 4-PMH-SPB and TGRs and caught a lot more trout using the Holographic's here in Colorado. I recently changed to 6-PMH-SPBs and have been catching much bigger trout like this spawning Brown.

Drew Klinkhamer
Click here to enlarge Drew Klinkhamer: Winner on Nov 11 2019
Caught with a PMMK_28_GBRED

It was my last day musky fishing in Canada when I casted out into the middle of a cove about 3 feet deep and got hammered by a big musky. I got to see the musky hit the marabuck and the best part was that we got him in!

Paul Rossi
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Paul Rossi: Winner on Oct 4 2019
Caught with a MNH_3_SSS

Caught this on the fist cast with the Vivif spinner minnow in one of the urban ponds in Tempe AZ. last week


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