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Meet the Winners

Joe Bennett
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Joe Bennett: Winner on Dec 31 2012
Caught with a PMD_4_G

I caught this nice Brown Trout on a small creek in Northern Nevada. I was fishing a small pool when the big trout came out from under a bank and hit. I was using a gold panther Martin, the only spinner I use.

Anthony Bowden
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Anthony Bowden: Winner on Dec 27 2012
Caught with a PMR_2_SWR

This is my four year old daughter Kelty. She loves fishing, and loves the fish just as much. She has to give the fish a kiss before we let them go. This is on Big Spring Creek in Lewistown, MT.

Classic pearl white spinner with a red cicle on the blade.

Zachary Christensen
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Zachary Christensen: Winner on Dec 17 2012
Caught with a PMWB_4_U

These lures are amazing! trout smack em so hard. I been working a local creek. An with great success. Other anglers on this water have rarely see browns this size and are amazed to see i am using a Panther Martin catching them!!Best spinners out there

Ross Taylor
Click here to enlarge Ross Taylor: Winner on Dec 10 2012
Caught with a PMBBM_15_FC

The photo is of a 14-15 inch long coastal cutthroat trout caught and released while fishing for salmon and steelhead on the Mad River. It was one of five cutthroat landed that day and my biggest ever on the Mad River.

Gabriel Pinnecoose
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Gabriel Pinnecoose: Winner on Dec 3 2012
Caught with a PMHD_6_GOH

I caught this fish at the end of the afternoon at a pool at a drop in the river. I went to a new pool and it was the first cast into this pool!

Kimberly Lawton
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Kimberly Lawton: Winner on Nov 26 2012
Caught with a PMSTR_2_

Beautiful November morning fishing on the local lake. Biggest bass I have pulled out of this lake!

Tyler Dilts
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Tyler Dilts: Winner on Nov 19 2012
Caught with a PMAG_4_

I was fishing at a pond and I wasn't catching very much so I decided to try a Panther Martin. I pulled it out and on my first cast I got a strike but couldn't set the hook in time. I casted back out and hooked it. I finally landed it after a 5 minute figh

Jared Horkley
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Jared Horkley: Winner on Nov 12 2012
Caught with a PMBRT_4_U

I was on a weekend fishing trip with my friend Alex and I caught this beautiful bow by a small dam. The bow jumped in and out of the water making it a exciting catch!

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