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Meet the Winners

Michael Boyett
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Michael Boyett: Winner on Mar 4 2013
Caught with a PMHD_6_GRSK

Catching them all day on Panther Martin exclusively browns a rainbows. Decided to switch up to this hologram gold with red speckle landed this big pregnant female... Catch and release of course! River fishing in the Sierras is the best with Panther Martin

Catrell Franco
Click here to enlarge Catrell Franco: Winner on Feb 25 2013
Caught with a PMMB_9_S

We went fishing for 5 hours. My Dad had caught 5 and I was bummed for not catching one. Then out of nowhere I felt a tug and realed in my FIRST FISH EVER! Thank you Panther Martin!

Lacie Wise
Click here to enlarge Lacie Wise: Winner on Feb 19 2013
Caught with a PMR_15_G

I hiked into a hole for the first time and on my first cast with my Panther Martin I caught this beauty! Thank you Panther Martin :)

Gianni Etopio
Click here to enlarge Gianni Etopio: Winner on Feb 5 2013
Caught with a PMFT_4_

I was fishing with my dad in Beaver Lake in New York's Adirondack State Park. I caught this fat Rock Bass while trolling a #6 Panther Martin Firetiger from a canoe.

Alex Martinez
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Alex Martinez: Winner on Feb 4 2013
Caught with a PMAG_4_

I was in Island Park, ID for a weekend fishing trip and caught this rainbow! This football shaped trout hit my line hard and didn't want to be caught.

Russell White
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Russell White: Winner on Jan 28 2013
Caught with a PMF_4_GO

Went to visit my friend Austin in Missoula, MT. We did a short float trip thru downtown Missoula in his canoe. The rainbows loved the Panter Martin gold fly spinner in Montana just as well as they do back east. Best lure for trout I have ever found.

Christopher Lopez
Brook Trout
Click here to enlarge Christopher Lopez: Winner on Jan 21 2013
Caught with a PMR_2_SB

Took my Daughter fishing near Burney Falls, and she caught the biggest brook trout of the day. She couldn't wait to tell everyone how she out fished her dad.



Ryan Stout
Click here to enlarge Ryan Stout: Winner on Jan 7 2013
Caught with a PMR_15_G

This was my very first steelhead! Caught on the Chetco river in southern Oregon. Thanks for a great lure Panther Martin!

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