Trophy Contest Winners

Meet the Past Winners of the Panther Martin Trophy Fish Contest - Upload a photo of your best Panther Martin Catch and win $50 in free lures if we choose your photo.

April 2016
Largemouth Bass

My son Zachariah caught this beauty while fishing from our kayaks on the Merced River, in California on April 1, 2016.

Zachariah Plagenza

April 2016
Brown Trout

2015 Opening day monster! I catch a lot of fish with these spinners. I know for sure this stretch of river gets a lot of pressure on the opener but I was still able to wrestle this brute of a out of a gnarly log jam.

Ryan Gunnett

March 2016

After fishing a deep good looking pool with no bites on other spinners I switched to a 1/2 oz Brass Body Gold Panther Martin and was able to get down to where the fish were. I got hammered by this chrome beast! Thanks Panther Martin!

Marceli Smagacz

February 2016

Fishing on the Klamath River in northern California. Caught and released this native steelhead on my favorite lure, the 1/2oz. Teardrop Classic Regular Gold.

Josiah Brown

January 2016

Fishing in a shallow bay at the in-laws and hooked this monster walleye. Great surprise to catch this 30 inch walleye.

Doug Sitko

January 2016
Rainbow Trout

Nantahala River NC. It was a great Thanksgiving weekend! My 7-year old son Luke caught this gorgeous 27" rainbow trout using Panther Martin FishSeeUV lure. These little babies work like a charm!

Luke Serafim

July 2015

I keep my Panther Martin rig in my car every where I go! Saw a nice little creek, pulled over to cast a few times, third cast and this beautiful redbreast sunfish just couldn't resist! You can see the size next to my friends arm in the picture, it was big

Jeremy Bates

June 2015
Brown Trout

I've been hunting a fish that's two feet long in this creek for a few years! Finally hit that mark with this 24" brownie

Roger Cunningham

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