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Meet the Winners

Jamie Brown
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Jamie Brown: Winner on Oct 1 2014
Caught with a PMFT_6_

My son Tyler and I fished the Waupaca River over the weekend. I landed this 22 1/2" brownie on a Panther Martin Fire Tiger #6, only Tyler one upped me with his own 23 1/2" catch with alike spinner! What can we say...these spinners truly work!!!

Joel Downs
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Joel Downs: Winner on Sep 12 2014
Caught with a PMR_6_G

Caught this brown in Montana on a Classic Teardrop Black and Gold. The Black and Gold's have always produced great results on any river I fish! Used a #6 and hooked it under the bank.

Cody Maurer
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Cody Maurer: Winner on Aug 18 2014
Caught with a PMR_4_S

My son, Cody at almost 4 yrs old, rode his own pedal bike 2 miles up Waterton Canyon. We brought his Spiderman fishing pole just in case. We caught this 12" Rainbow Trout, which was the only fish caught in our area. Your spinners are fantastic!

Curt Riedl
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Curt Riedl: Winner on Aug 11 2014
Caught with a PMHF_4_FTOR

Fishing with my friend in a small Wisconsin driftless stream for the first time. We had doubts that it even held trout. Our doubts were erased once I hooked into this beauty. The water was cloudy but he had no problem locating a Holographic Fly Spinner!

Levi Warner
Click here to enlarge Levi Warner: Winner on Jul 14 2014
Caught with a PMFTG_4_

I caught my very first fish, an Arctic Grayling with this Panther Martin lure!

John Moreali
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge John Moreali: Winner on Jul 7 2014
Caught with a PMHD_9_GRSK

This fish was caught with the Gold/Red Speckled Holographic Deluxe #9 at Lee's Ferry AZ. It was a beautiful day of catch and release! We ended up after a full day of fishing, catching over 250 rainbow trout, all on Panther Martin Lures!

Hugh McMath
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Hugh McMath: Winner on Jun 23 2014
Caught with a PMR_6_S

I was fishing on the Pine River, MI. I found a big bend with a deep hole. I cast downstream of the hole and on the return a beautiful 18" Brown trout attacked my Panther Martin. What a great day fishing!

Russell Salisbury
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Russell Salisbury: Winner on Jun 16 2014
Caught with a PMD_15_G

Caught this nice smallmouth in Grand Lake Stream, Maine.

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