Meet the Winners

Ronald Foster II
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Ronald Foster II: Winner on Nov 4 2013

Caught this beautiful Brown in Provo Canyon, Utah. Heavily pressured, these fish are slow to bite but they slammed this Gold Black and Red Deluxe Panther Martin! She hit on the third cast into the rapids and fought like a champ!

Adam Meltebeke
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Adam Meltebeke: Winner on Oct 28 2013

Adam and the men of Meltebeke Construction in Eugene OR. (father Dave and brothers Matt and Drew), landed this and many other nice "catch and release" rainbows. 'We caught over 100, 1.5 - 2 pound rainbows all on the black & yellow body with gold spinners!

Josh Hayes
Click here to enlarge Josh Hayes: Winner on Oct 21 2013

The salmon run started off slow this year. I was trolling the ocean, the estuary and trying from the river banks. Finally I tied on my Panther Martin and BAM!!! The fight was on! Gotta love those Panther Martin's, they keep the fish on!

Ben "Troutzilla" Halfen
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Ben "Troutzilla" Halfen: Winner on Oct 14 2013

Caught this brown on the second to last day of the season here in Wisconsin. He slammed my go to Panther, the Brass Body, Deluxe Gold Fly spinner. Nothing can resist this spinner! I will never use anything else to fish trout, EVER!

Josiah Brown
Click here to enlarge Josiah Brown: Winner on Oct 2 2013

I caught this awesome steelhead in Northern California on September 21 2013! It rained all day but it sure paid off! It's the only lure I ever use!

Chase McLaughlin
Click here to enlarge Chase McLaughlin: Winner on Sep 25 2013

Panther Martin's strike again! My friend and I caught 3 steelhead & 3 king salmon while fishing in western Washington. We tried many patterns but the red/orange holographic was the key for steelhead! Triggering many aggressive strikes and memorable battle

Sean Latimer
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Sean Latimer: Winner on Sep 16 2013

This 16 inch native rainbow was one of many caught by my 12-year-old son, Sean, on a back backing trip with me to a wild Nor Cal river canyon. We crimp down the barbs on our hooks and use needlenose pliers when necessary to ensure unharmed releases.

Shone Cole
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Shone Cole: Winner on Sep 9 2013

I Caught this 23 inch Rainbow Trout on a #6 gold blade/red body spinner. Thanks Panther Martin!

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