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Meet the Winners

Kaigan Liebers
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Kaigan Liebers: Winner on Apr 1 2019
Caught with a PMBBJ_6L_SWH

My 11 year old daughter outfished us all this day on the Little Pigeon River Seveirville TN. She caught her first twankie!.. aka measured 20 inch smallmouth

Tim Hoang
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Tim Hoang: Winner on Mar 1 2019
Caught with a PMUS_15_BBF

Foggy morning around 7am and it was hard to see how clear the water really was out there so I threw out a 1/2oz Underspin. Couple casts on a point later and I caught my personal best fish so far and caught it from the bank no less!

Chris Speer
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Chris Speer: Winner on Feb 1 2019
Caught with a PMWSH_9_RTH

Oct. 18th. 2 pm. 89 degrees, Willowstrike Holographic, #6 , Stren 4lb. test, white water, falls, deep submerged rock, 2 eyelets broken off on my pole in the first few casts. Most awesome nervous related moment on the water in 50 years!

Cory Wright
Click here to enlarge Cory Wright: Winner on Jan 2 2019
Caught with a PMSSTUV_15_FRT

My buddy and I went salmon fishing at the Betsy River in Northern Michigan this fall where I caught the biggest fish of my life. I fought this fish for over a half an hour and broke 2 nets before landing him, thanks to Panther Martin lures!

Nick Brevitz
Click here to enlarge Nick Brevitz: Winner on Dec 3 2018
Caught with a PMR_6_GY

Caught this late run Chinook near Thunder Bay, Ontario on a #15 Black/Gold

Matthew Seiler
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Matthew Seiler: Winner on Nov 1 2018
Caught with a PMHMH_9_HRB

I was fishing the last day of Trout season in Wisconsin on a Creek 15 minutes from my home called Rowan Creek. I was about to call it a day when i hooked into a 21 brown, I did not have a net on me so i had to beach it :)

Lyn Riffel
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Lyn Riffel: Winner on Oct 1 2018
Caught with a PMHRH_2_RTH

Had great luck trolling this lure near Meeker, CO for trout & crappie. Decided to try it on a 'secret' (wink) area of the White river. Wham! This bad boy hit the lure like there was no tomorrow. Caught pikeminnow & humpback chub same lure.

matt roetter
Dolly Varden
Click here to enlarge matt roetter: Winner on Sep 4 2018
Caught with a PMCBBB_6_CPR

We drifted a river stating in Montana and then into Idaho when I hooked into a monster Dolly Varden also known as a Bull Trout. Since the current was fairly rapid, it took a while to land the trophy. It was releases immediately.

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