Trophy Contest Winners

Meet the Past Winners of the Panther Martin Trophy Fish Contest - Upload a photo of your best Panther Martin Catch and win $50 in free lures if we choose your photo.

October 2022

Triton also caught largemouth, white bass and a channel cat on the new #6 solid copper. this crappie was one of many fish caught that day.

Triton Chandler

September 2022

Ive been a Panther Martin man since I was 13 years old. Today I thought i would show this red eye bass caught in the creek beside my house. My favorite spot, favorite fish and favorite lure.

Chad Redmond

August 2022

I was in northern Wisconsin with my family at my grandparents cabin for the week when I caught this monster crappie.I was casting with my favorite panther martin, the salmon egg.

Cade Spilde

July 2022
Brook Trout

Bryson got to use a Panther Martin spinner for the first time after seeing his Dad catching trout on them. About 3 casts in on trying the spinner he sets the hook on this big Brook Trout. He reeled it in and has been smiles since

Bryson Gaugler

June 2022

Steelhead caught on the Mad River in Humboldt County, CA. on a modified deluxe regular spinner. The spinner body was painted fluorescent orange.

Ross Taylor

May 2022
Smallmouth Bass

Fishing during Covid lockdowns in CA! All I had was my “trout” fishing gear for backpacking and I still ending up having great luck with the smallmouth in Parker, AZ

Tamara Hansen

April 2022
Northern Pike

My buddy and I were out hunting whitetail and there wasn’t much moving around noon so we thought fishing might be fun. Wow was I surprised when I hooked this pike. The holographic red hook was amazing.

Mark Peacock

March 2022
Brown Trout

Caught and released this beautiful monster brown last spring. Estimated to be close to 10 lbs. Had spotted him the previous day but was not close to my casting area. Always use single hooks to not injure the fish and have an easy release.


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