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Meet the Winners

Aaron Mcdonald
Smallmouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Aaron Mcdonald: Winner on Dec 1 2020
Caught with a PMF_6_SO

Was chasing a wallet I seen three one a spinner casted and first cast caught this wallet but the strike from the bass on was worth it.

kevin Lucas
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge kevin Lucas: Winner on Nov 1 2020
Caught with a PMASWF_6_S

First cast of the day netted this 3 Lb largemouth. Not a single fish was caught the rest of the day.

Trandin Sarkinen
Rainbow Trout
Click here to enlarge Trandin Sarkinen: Winner on Oct 1 2020
Caught with a PMDF_2DF_PS

Caught this fish at Cloud Peak Reservoir in the Bighorn Mountains. Not a big fish but an awesome photo. thought id share

Richard Nischan
Largemouth Bass
Click here to enlarge Richard Nischan: Winner on Sep 1 2020
Caught with a PMBBJ_6L_BBH

First Bass of the year! Caught in Middle Town Maryland

Nathan Martin
Brown Trout
Click here to enlarge Nathan Martin: Winner on Aug 1 2020
Caught with a PMRRH_4_S

Fishing for steelhead, pesky river trout were stealing our spawn-sack bait. I tied on my best 'small trout' spinner and broke out my light tackle. Within 2 casts I had this 28" brown smash my lure, and put up a serious battle on 6# test!

Ethan Bonne
Click here to enlarge Ethan  Bonne : Winner on Jun 1 2020
Caught with a PMH_4_SPB

This fish was caught by me and a few buddies up at palisades reservoir in Idaho, it’s not that big of a lake trout but i thought it was an amazing photo to show off the spinner

Ryan Beagle
Click here to enlarge Ryan Beagle: Winner on May 1 2020
Caught with a PMSPF_6_BY

Panthers are all I use in Colorado. Once you figure out the colors/time of day to use each color, the fishing is incredible. Everybody wants to know what im using!

Robert Guzman
Click here to enlarge Robert Guzman: Winner on Mar 1 2020
Caught with a PMSP_6_Y

Beautiful female steelhead on a mild winter morning .

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