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Vivif Teasers

Vivif Teasers - Lo and behold, customers came to us asking for Vivifs without hooks. These were to be used on Umbrella Rigs and Dredges where either it was illegal to have more than 1 or 2 swimbaits with hooks or they wanted to attract fish with our hookless Vivifs and draw them to some other lure trailing in the center with hooks. Our Vivif Teasers are unique in that they are weighted with a strong eyelet embedded in the metal weight. This does 2 things - 1) It allows our Vivif Teasers to truly swim like a swimbait and 2) It ensures that our teaser are securely attached to your Umbrella Rig or Dredge. These 4" Vivif 4 Packs are available in Holographic Mullet and Bunker Colors. Size Chart View Features

Vivif Teasers Features

  • Weighted, Hookless 4" & 6" Panther Martin Swimbaits for True Swimbait and Trolling Action
  • Strong eyelet embedded in metal weight provides Secure Attachment
  • Featuring the Superior, True To Life Holgoraphic Colors of Our Great Mullet & Bunker Panther Martin Vivif Swimbaits.