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Lil' Curly WeedRunner™ Regular

NEW Panther Martin® Lil' Curly WeedRunners™ REGULAR are smaller size WeedRunners™ featuring painted blades and bodies. They also fluttering curly tails and a weedless design that will catch the attention of fish wherever they are be it in heavy vegetation or open water. Curly tails give new and interesting swimming action through the water. These new lures are bound to be particularly effective for trout and bass. Best of all, because the hook is buried in the plastic tail, these new lures are, like their larger cousins, totally weedless. That means they can be fished in heavy vegetation and weeds where lunker bass and trout lurk. Available in sizes 4 WR & 6 WR
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Lil' Curly WeedRunners™ Regular Black Fluorescent
Lil' Curly WeedRunner™ Regular Black Fluorescent
Lil' Curly WeedRunners™ Regular White Fluorescent Red
Lil' Curly WeedRunner™ Regular White Fluorescent Red