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Panther Martin SonicEggs™ combine our proven genuine gold and silver-plated blades, the deadly sonic spinning action of our convex/concave blades with the added allure of natural translucent fluorescent Salmon Egg beads and Genuine Gold or Silver-plated beads.
Panther Martin SonicEgg™ Size Chart View Features
SonicEgg Gold/Green SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Gold/Green SonicEggs
SonicEgg Gold/Pink SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Gold/Pink SonicEggs
SonicEgg Gold/Red SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Gold/Red SonicEggs
SonicEgg Silver/Green SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Silver/Green SonicEggs
SonicEgg Silver/Orange SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Silver/Orange SonicEggs
SonicEgg Silver/Pink SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Silver/Pink SonicEggs
SonicEgg Silver/Red SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Silver/Red SonicEggs
SonicEgg Gold/Orange SonicEggs
SonicEgg™ Gold/Orange SonicEggs