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Holographic Single Hook

Holographic Single Hook Spinners™ featuring single hooks so you can use these lures for catch and release fishing in those areas of the US, where single hooks are required. Size Chart View Features
Holographic Single Hook Sizes for: Walleye

For catching "Walleye", Panther Martin recommends lure sizes 1/16 oz. - 1/4 oz.

Holographic Single Hook Features

  • In more and more regions of the U.S., there are requirements to use single hooks in order to make catch and release
  • fishing easier, more practical and safer for the fish.
  • Moreover, more and more anglers are deliberately keeping less fish caught and releasing more fish back into the waterways of America.
  • Both of these trends bode well for the longterm health of fishing in America.
  • To reach out to long time Panther Martin® customers who are now required to use single hooks and to those anglers who prefer catch & release fishing, we offer four Holographic patterns with single hooks.
  • These beautiful Holographic Single Hook spinners allow anglers to catch more fish and then safely release them back into the waters where they live.
  • Available in sizes 2, 4 & 6.

Holographic Single Hook Fish Species & Lure Size Recommendations