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The Greatest Fish Catcher of All Time

New Lures for 2021


NEW Panther Martin® DualFlash™ features twice the flash, twice the vibration... all in proven and dramatic Panther Martin® colors & patterns. See all 18 new lures.


NEW Panther Martin® MiniFly™ adds a NEW weapon in your fishing arsenal to get those smaller Trout, Bluegill and Panfish that are just waiting for something small enough to munch on. See all 6 new lures.

WillowStrike™ Metal Fly

NEW WillowStrike™ Metal Fly with Deluxe style bodies and Genuine Gold and Silver plated blades. See all 10 new lures.

WillowStrike™ Regular Fly

NEW WillowStrike™ Regular Fly with Genuine Gold plated blades. See all 10 new lures.

WillowStrike™ Spotted

NEW Panther Martin® WillowStrike™ Spotted lures in vibrant NEW and CLASSIC Spotted color combinations. See all 20 new lures.

Value Pack

NEW WillowStrike™ 6 Pack

NEW WillowStrike™ 6 Pack
This NEW 6-pack offers the angler six truly great WillowStrike™ lures, featuring our unique new easier to spin, faster to flash WillowStrike™ blades. This is a great way for anglers to get a great selection of WillowStrike lures and save some money at the same time. A great starter kit that includes 4 of our best selling WillowStrike™ lures and 2 of the NEW Spotted series at a great value! 6 colors, 2 sizes. Contains 3 size 4 (1/8 oz.) and 3 size 6 (1/4 oz.) WillowStrike™ Spinners. A $43.90 value for $19.99.
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The New Panther Martin DualFlash

The New Panther Martin Minifly

Bass Fishing with the Bearded Banshee

About Panther Martin

63 years of bringing in the big ones

Panther Martin is known as one of the world's best spinning lures. It is the original inline spinner. The unique design of the Convex/Concave blade with the shaft going directly through the blade was first introduced in America by Panther Martin.

Panther Martin is known particularly for catching trout, but it is also proven through the years to be truly effective for salmon, steelhead, bass, pike, pickeral, muskie, crappie, panfish and many other species.

In its history over 104,000,000 Panther Martin lures have been sold. It is truly one of the world's great fishing lures.

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