Lake Trout

The laker is even more intolerant of warm water than the landlocked salmon. A few may be caught near the surface immediately after ice-out, but they drop into much deeper water shortly thereafter. Thus, lake trout fishing is largely a matter of trolling near the bottom, sometimes in water nearly a hundred feet deep.

Working a lure at such depths is an art in itself. This requires the help of a solid metal line, downrigger or a deep trolling device which features a very heavy weight from which the fishing line is released when a fish is hooked.

Lake trout are big, deliberate fish. Best results are obtained by maintaining a slow trolling speed. The best lures are those which are fully activated at this pace.

A Panther Martin ® in either 3/8 oz. or 1/2 oz., is a dandy laker lure. The blade revolves readily at slow trolling speed, and the special PM throb is as effective on lake trout as it is on other species. They come equipped with a feathered treble hook which makes a fetching combination.

Other killing variations include the same large PM blade combined with a 1-oz Panther Martin ® Minnow, a large streamer, a smelt or a five-inch chub or sucker. Smelt, chubs or suckers should either be strung on a hook gang or "sewn" on a spelled hook so as to spin slowly while trolled. Panther Martin Black Fluorescent, Holographic Flies and Spotted Lures work as well.